Plagued Are All My Thoughts, Like White Ants in the Fence by Love Migrate

Where to start… The predominant thought from this album is around influences. With the massive availability of music presently, there seems to be this surge of music that draws from a huge range of influences – something we’ve never experienced before. Ten years ago you could have maybe 200 albums, all on CD, if you were a passionate muso – now it’s thousands. When I gave up on CD’s around 5 years ago, I had about 300 – now I have 2883 albums in iTunes. This massive increase in the availability of music and it’s ever growing complexity through influences is what I hear in Love Migrate’s debut LP. Their Facebook description is a little simpler: “We play dark pop ballads”.


There are tinges of bands such as Beirut and The Middle East, Beck’s Sea Change era and early Tim Buckley, there’s even a hint of Kings of Leon in the track “Little Kid” in their sound – I must stress that these a merely what springs to mind, there is so much more to the album than simply reminding me of the above. It’s a wonderful mix of beautifully touching melody and controlled performance.


The title track (of sorts) “Plagued Are All My Thoughts”, is a wonderful slow burn that effortlessly builds it’s crescendo only to stop in an almost self conscious moment as if to retain secrecy or privacy. “Making This Hard” however, undoes this in an instant with a driving rhythm and upbeat tempo.


It’s a rollercoaster of an album lilting between aching melody, inward paranoia, outright sadness and rythmic injections, a hint of accordian drone and a range of guitar sounds. Lead singer Eddie Alexander’s lyrics and voice are so delicate they sometimes lose clarity and blend with the rest of the band but this, along with some wonderful melodies – “Galah Love” being the stand-out – and a wonderful, stonking, horn ridden reprise to round out the experience, gives the album it’s feel, it’s je ne se quoi. That is where this album shines – it just feels great to listen to.


Eddie will be joing us for a chat on Break Your Fingers Laughing this Saturday between 8-10pm on 4ZZZ Brisbane 102.1FM – 



76% – Excellent

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