Kyü 2 by Kyü

Sometimes albums just sounds kind of earthly, natural, like being outdoors in a beautiful place. Bands like Sigur Ros and Jinja Safari spring to mind. With Kyü 2 this is exactly what Kyü achieve. From the rhythms to the harmonies to the bed of sounds laid out in beautiful arrangements, there’s nothing quite like listening to an album that just flows naturally.


Kyü 2 is one of those albums that needs time to sit. It can be so rich and so sparse that it’s difficult to latch onto anything straight away. It is however, an album. More than a collection of songs, it has a togetherness that is often lost on modern albums. These songs work better when listened to side by side, rather like a symphony.


As the swirl of the opening track subsides, the rhythm kicks in with a slightly jungle (the place, not the genre) vibe on ‘Quiche’. The limited piano progression beautifully punctuates the smooth vocals surrounded by a delicate mix of abstract sounds that sit nice and low in the mix. Even as I write I feel myself drifting away with the music – it’s so calming and non-intursive.


That is where Kyü 2 may fail to impress. If it’s given time it will find a place on many a muso’s playlist or ‘best of’ lists, but without the effort from the listener it may just drift away as charmingly as it drifted in. It’s perfect background music, perfect sleeping music, perfect just chilling out music – without being given time. On repeat listens, Kyü 2 shows an extraordinary depth and a true touch of class throughout.


Wonderfully produced, written and performed, the beauty is in the detail – much like OK Computer minus the Karma Police but full of natural charm and talent.


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