Come Up Invisible by We All Want To

With the opening “Ramp Up The Bleeding”, the quality of songwriting on Come Up Invisible is evident. Breaking in with some nice crowd sounds and a sweet guitar squeel, this pop/rock gem hurtles along with some beautiful lyrics and a melodious arrangement for 4 of it’s 7 minutes, ending with an invigorating mess of flutes, synths and churning guitar. It is as good an opener to an album as you can get but offers only a glimpse into the beauty of We All Want To’s second long player effort.


The balance between both male and female vocals is perfectly rich and warm throughout on top of a bed of a tight rhythm section and jangly guitars that sometimes divulge into raw, distorted solos as evident on track three “We’re Not Perfect”. Opening with a soft organ, Skye Stanifords voice draws you secretly into a place where the drums find room and the guitars go from a quiet chord pregression into a wonderfully dirty solo.


Although the majority of the lyrics are wonderful, “Stop pissing in the sink/Stop being cool/Stop trying so hard to think/Stop standing out of frame”, they can also be prone to losing their way somewhat, coming up short and being a little bit too direct. For example the track “Where Sleeping Ends” contains the lyric, “I got sent to school and I got sent home/Sent to the office to repay my loan”, but redeems itself with the wonderful “I dreamt about identical twins/They looked just like me except for the fins”.


“Shine” is a brilliant example of how to write, record and produce a song. All of the ingredients receive the perfect measurement in an understated, bubbling beneath the surface fashion, that is, until the crescendo. The lyrics again highlight the quality of this album, “It’s OK to smile at nothing”.


The simple, mostly acoustic/clean music, with tinges of alt-country and indie rock, are consistantly offset with the exact right amount of adventurous guitar sounds, freedom for the drummer and a spacey blend of vocal melodies making for a most enjoyable collection of songs that belong together and flow with moody purpose.



75% – Excellent

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